We are "FORIS" company and since February 1994 we specialize in recruitment, offering positions to candidates seeking employment as well as staffing companies with suitable candidates.

Our agency covers countries such as:

Cyprus, Austria, Germany, Holland, Norway, United Kingdom, as well as outside Europe Dubai and Canada.

We focus on our clients’ needs to find the right people and employees. We support our clients throughout the recruitment process and this continues long after the staff has been employed.

We are in charge of the pre-screening process saving you “time and money”. Our specialized personnel select the best for you but the final choice is always yours.

We have years of experience in the fields or tourism, catering, domestic help, construction, medicine and generally in fields highly in demand.

What we offer is a sincere collaboration, reliability and discretion – either on national or international recruitment.
Our targeted process of finding work/personnel guarantees a mutual benefit.

Our head office is in Thessaloniki, Vardari, on Lagkada 2.

Trust us, try us! 








  • Chefs
  • Waiters/waitresses
  • Tourist professions

  • Finding work
  • Work abroad

  • Finding personnel
  • Domestic help
  • Home care of the elderly



Put your professional development in our reliable hands.

We have exclusive contacts with employers in a large national and international network.

We advice and guide you throughout the process. 


Foris helped me to find the staff needed for my restaurant very fast and reliable. Thank you. George Zafirakis Read more


Foris Agency helped me to find the staff for my restaurant very fast and reliably. Thank you, Giorgos Zafirakis Read more


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Customer comments

Μετά το έμφραγμα της μητέρας μου όλα αλλάξαν . Αναγκαστήκαμε να βάλουμε ένα ξένο άνθρωπο στο σπίτι να την προσέχει... Read more


Σαν εργαζόμενη γυναίκα με 3 παιδιά σας είμαι ευγνώμων για την μπέιμπι σίτερ που μου στείλατε !!! με σώσατε πραγματικά... Read more


Δεν είχα χρόνο να μπώ στην διαδικασία των αγγελιών και της επιλογής οικιακής βοηθού, πραγματικά η διαδικασία στο γραφείο σας... Read more


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